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Wow,… Largest Cruise Ship in the world.


Wow!!..Kapal Pesiar ini bisa menampung 5.000 guest, Many say Harmony of the Seas is greater than the average ship. In total, Large ships can carry 8.880 people and has a crew coming from 77 country.


Kapal pesiar yang sangat besar ini berukuran 330ft, longer than the Titanic and stand taller than the Shard and the Eiffel Tower if stood on its stern. imagine, yacht weighing 227.000 tons can float. But that's what happened he he he

The ship is owned by Royal Caribbean are 1.188 ft yacht – the largest in the world – worth £ 800 million and when you want to gallivant, prepare a minimum of around £ 900 per person for a week's holiday. Yet another spending another, you know ....


Harmony of the Seas cruise ship publicity image. April 2016 - The Perfect Storm onboard Harmony of the Seas under construction at the STX shipyard in France.

In it you will find a shopping center, cinema and 20 swimming pool.

Cruise is designed to look like an anglerfish with a large dorsal fin and two thin bodies – record for traveling down it stood at 12,5 second.

Because so widely, so guests are advised and supplied for use GPS bracelets. This is in order to keep track of where we are.

Inside also ada16 restaurants including Jamie's Italian, and there are also three water slides, 1.300-seater theater and 3.000 cabin. Replika New York Central Park – The first ever park at sea – have more than 10.000 trees and plants and flanked by shops including Bulgari, Dan Cartier Hublot.


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