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Vision and mission

All :

ORBIS Hotel and Cruise Ships Institute Become a Training Centre, Education and professional development in the field of hospitalty. Making the character of the nation, Berjiwa Professional, and able to compete in national and International Hospitality.

Mission :

  1. Educating and print Indonesian children become experts who mastered the field of hospitality and quality yacht.
  2. Assist in the education of qualified expertise and professional development with more value.
  3. Assist and cooperate with government and private industry involved in the procurement of labor, both national and international
  4. Helping the world tourism industry - hospitality and cruises in the procurement of labor

Create new jobs for community members.

Campus : Mutiara Residence D1-02 Sukodono Sidoarjo, East Java Phone: 031 99010340 | Hotline: 081938545556
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