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What is a Hotel?
The public may ask questions about what the meaning of the hotel. Does the hotel it can be interpreted as a residence only?. If it's just such a sense of hotel, it is no different from any other dwelling. Therefore, Let us review about the hotel based on the understanding of the experts.

Pengertian Hotel
Let's look at the dictionary definition of Oxford Hotel. The dictionary meaning of this is “Building where meals and rooms are provided for travelers”. If interpreted into a building that provides food and beverages as well as room service to guests or rather people who are traveling far from their homes.
So the notion hotels, too short….Let's look at another hotel understanding: Prof. Fred Lawson, author “Hotel and Resort: Planning and Design.
“Hotel is defined a public establishment offering travelers, against payment, two basic service accomodation and catering”. (Prof. Fred Lawson, author “Hotel and Resort: Planning and Design).

Understanding the hotel above when translated into “Hotel is defined as a place to stay for visitors / travelers to pay a sum of money, with two basic services, namely accommodation and eating and drinking. Understanding the hotel above can be said to be understanding of hotel services architecture view hotel.

Now we look to government rules on the definition of the hotel:
Hotel is a type of accommodation that use some or all of the building by providing lodging services, food and beverage as well as other supporting services for the common commercially managed
Here we see the development of the hotel with increasing understanding of other support services which clarified the definition of the other hotel:

A hotel may be defined an establishment whose primary business is providing lodging facilities for the general public and which furnishes one or more of the following services, uniformed services, Laundering of linens and use of furniture. ( WOLVERINE (The America Hotel and Motel Asossciation).

Understanding the hotel above that translates into:
A hotel can be defined as a residence or building that has a major effort in providing lodging to the public or the community in general and has a food and beverage services and more than that, room services, washing and the use or enjoy the existing furniture in the building (only in rooms rented rooms and the whole building apart from others).
Well, if viewed from the origin of the word Hotel is Hosteis or shelter for the visitors with a certain fee to the owner, then the sense of the above can be said to be growing hotel based on the hotel's history from the beginning until now.

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